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Each month, our Exalted Ruler spotlights worthy Elks in our lodge to thank them for all they do. These are the Elks who have been spotlighted so far.

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August 2019: Sulena Bryant

A special shout out this month to our Veterans Committee Chair Sulena Bryant, not only for all the hard work she puts in with the Lodge’s Veteran Programs, but for her selection as the 2019 State Elks Veterans Volunteer of the Year. Sulena will be at the Mid-Year Convention in Louisville on August 3 to accept her award from the newly installed Grand Exalted Ruler Robert L. Duitsman. Make sure when you see Sulena at the lodge to congratulate her on her award and thank her for all that she does for our lodge.

July 2019: Tucker Billiter

Tucker asked me last year about getting more involved at the lodge, and he graciously agreed to serve as Chaplain this year. He represented the lodge at the City of Frankfort’s Memorial Day Services. I have also heard rumors that he runs an entertaining Karaoke show. If you see Tucker down at the lodge, make sure you say thanks for what he does!

June 2019: Andy Brown

Andy is a relatively new member to our lodge who has thrown himself into the activities of the lodge. Among other things, he agreed to serve as Tiler this year, is Chair of the Drug Awareness Committee, and this past Memorial Day, along with Tucker Billiter, represented the lodge at the City of Frankfort’s Memorial Day Services. Andy has made himself available to help wherever needed, and for that he should have all of our thanks.

May 2019: Troi Cunningham

Last Year’s First Lady of the Kentucky Elks, Troi Cunningham, has finished her year the way we knew she would, with grace and class and good humor. But Troi is and always has been a great worker for the lodge as evidenced by the new duty I asked her to take on as the Lodge’s Kids with Cancer Coordinator. As you can read in her message, the KWC program has a problem that many charities would like to have: a sudden influx of money as a result of a large bequest. There is no better person in this lodge to undertake this role, because of her training as a medical professional, her deep love for children, and her experience nursing her son through a life-threatening illness that he made it through. She is a great asset to our lodge and I know she will knock this assignment out of the park.

April 2019: 2018-2019 Officers of Frankfort Lodge #530

The officers for last year take a final bow at the conclusion of their years’ worth of service. Although several officers return, both in the same roles and in new positions, I would especially like to express the lodge’s thanks to those officers from last year who are taking a break for service in the upcoming lodge year: Mark Skeeters, Albert Kinman, Ron Whitaker, Mike Mucci, and Beverly Dearborn. You have all served when asked at great personal sacrifice, and you have proven yourself loyal and true Elks among us.

March 2019:Bill Lynch and Edward G. LaFontaine

The spotlight shines on our two newest life members, who were elected to life membership at last meeting in February. Bill, a former ER who has been a member for 62 years, and Eddie, who has been a member for over 52 years, are part of the fabric of history that binds this lodge together. Their honor is a fitting tribute to their years of dedication to this lodge.

February 2019: Debbie Foy

We have all become accustomed to seeing Sulena Bryant do a lot of things to help Veterans, but you may not know that she has a companion in most of these efforts. Debbie Foy has been Sulena’s “partner in crime” visiting the VA, coordinating activities, and helping out wherever needed. It is members like Debbie, who do the day to day charitable work of our order, who spread our message most effectively. Thank you for everything you do Debbie!

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