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2018 Spotlight Members

December 2018: Ron Whitaker

This month’s spotlight shines on a member who has had many jobs and filled many roles, not only at Frankfort Lodge #530, but for the state association and for the Grand Lodge. Ron Whitaker is a PER who is currently the District Deputy for the East District of Kentucky. He also serves as the PR Chair and Webmaster for the Kentucky Elks and handles our local lodge website and social media, as well as heading the PER Association. When I needed someone to fill in as an acting Trustee recently when there was a vacancy, Ron readily agreed to serve in that
role. And with the sad news of Doug Sanderson’s passing, I have asked Ron to serve as Lodge Chaplain, and he has
graciously agreed. When you see Ron at the lodge, please tell him thanks for all he does for the lodge and the

November 2018: Kristal Hankinson

This month’s spotlight shines on a member who has taken over coordination of one of the Lodge’s singular events, our Angel Tree Kid’s Christmas Party. Kristal Hankinson was kind enough to answer the call when I asked her to do this for the lodge. Last year’s party was a huge success, and she is already planning to make this year’s party the best yet. If you see Kristal down at the lodge, make sure to thank her for all she does for the lodge. And offer to help out with the Christmas party. It will be the best afternoon you have spent in a long time.

October 2018: Marc Etherington

The recently concluded picnic was a good success, despite the so-so weather. One of the reasons was our very own Marc Etherington. Marc’s late dad Mike was a longtime cherished member of this lodge who for years ran the informal golf scramble that preceded the picnic. I asked Marc to take over that role, which he has done for the past couple of years. Kind of a nice way to keep it in the family. Marc stepped up his game this year by offering to cook chicken wings for the picnic like he did at our golf scramble earlier this summer. Needless to say they were a huge hit. This is in addition to the HVAC and other work he does around the lodge. If you see Marc down at the lodge, make sure to thank him for all he does for the lodge. And get his recipe for wings. You won’t be disappointed.

September 2018: Jannette Wilson

Every month in the ER corner, members are encouraged to find something that interests them and let the officers and House Committee members know of that interest. This month’s spotlight shines on a member who took that message to heart. Jannette Wilson recently approached me expressing her interest in helping out with our Dictionary Project, which provides each 3rd grader in Franklin County with their own dictionary. Because that program was in a state of transition, I asked if she would spearhead the project, and she graciously agreed. If you see her down at the lodge, make sure you thank Jannette for her willingness to step up. And if there is something that interests you, just let us know. Who knows, YOU might be highlighted in these pages in the coming months!

August 2018: Cheryl Caskey

This month’s spotlight shines on a fairly new member who has impressed us all with her positive attitude, sunny disposition, and willingness to help out. From helping to serve food at the state convention, to stuffing backpacks with school supplies, to representing the lodges at a Senior Night to recognize our MVS national runner-up, Cheryl Caskey has not only done whatever was asked of her, but has sought out ways to help make this lodge better. If you see her down at the lodge, make sure you thank Cheryl for all that she has done and will continue to do!

July 2018: Doug Sanderson and Walter O. Rodgers

These two outstanding, long-serving Elks were elected to Life Membership at the most recent lodge meeting. W.O. was the third member of the Frankfort Elks to serve as State President and Doug has faithfully served this lodge for years, including the last couple of decades as Chaplain. Congratulations to both of these members on this well-deserved honor!

June 2018: Beverly Dearborn

If anyone ever tries to tell you that ER is the most important job in an Elks Lodge, they do not know what they are talking about. The most important job in any Elks Lodge is the Lodge Secretary (although Treasurer is a close second). When Charlie Cunningham told me he was going to have to relinquish the position of Secretary due to the demands of his position as State President, I was very concerned. However, just months into her tenure as Secretary, Beverly Dearborn put any concerns I had to rest. Hardworking, precise, and conscientious, she has tackled this challenge head on and every member in this lodge owes her a debt of thanks. Next time you see Beverly in the lodge, take the time to thank her for all her hard work and her willingness to take on such a tough job!

May 2018: Bartenders and Cooks of Frankfort Lodge #530

If you have not been by the club room recently, I strongly encourage you to do so. There is a completely different vibe when you walk through the door. You can order up sandwiches, burgers and other bar food, and we now are carrying more beers than just Miller Lite and Budweiser. This Month’s Elks Spotlight shines on our bartenders and our kitchen crew. Their hard work and dedication has made the bar the place to be. So the next time you are in, make sure to thank Carla Hawkins, Bruce Day, Richard Cobb, Toni Quire or Ann Vansant if they are behind the bar, and Marla Etherington or PJ Johnson back in the kitchen!

April 2018: 2017-18 Lodge Officers

As I may have mentioned a time or two before, this was a difficult year in some respects, with six of the officers at the end of the year who were not in that position at the beginning of the year. But as have also mentioned before, we came through the trial much stronger as a lodge. So to all our officers from last year, please know that I, as the half-year Exalted Ruler, appreciate all you have done for this lodge and its members. You are all good and true Elks. Thanks again for everything. You should all be immensely proud!

March 2018: State Convention Volunteers

Our convention volunteers are the talk of Elkdom in Kentucky. The fantastic reviews the convention received were the direct result of your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. No matter what you did or how long you worked, your efforts were important. I would name names, but the newsletter is only four pages long. Thanks again for everything! You should all be immensely proud!

February 2018: Mike Fawbush

If you have not been upstairs in the lodge room lately, you need to go upstairs and see the new paint job, which was spearheaded by our very own Mike Fawbush. It was a big job, but the end result looks fantastic! Mike was assisted on the job by several members of the lodge, including Charlie Cunningham, John Dunn, Lucinda Dunn, Dave Emery, Mary Farrell, Melody Stephenson, Kermit Wilfong and Don Willard. If you see Mike or any of his crew around the lodge, make sure you express your appreciation!

January 2018: Charley Harley and Jamie Cunningham

As many of our female members and guests can attest, the women’s restroom downstairs in the lodge has undergone a much-needed and well-received facelift. New tile, a new paint job, and a new vanity are among the highlights. This month’s Elks Spotlight highlights two members who took a major role completing the renovations: Charley Harley and Jamie Cunningham. If you see Charley or Jamie down at the lodge, make sure you let them know how much they are appreciated!

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