Lodge Activities


Prize fees returned 100% in cash and prizes at a ratio of 1 out of 10. The champions in each event shall be determined by actual pin fall and will receive championship awards. Awards shall be given to the highest individual actual pin fall in each minor event. A sponsor’s award shall be given to the sponsors of team champions in both actual and handicap divisions.

A special award will be given for each 300 game and 800 series bowled during this tournament.

Prizes for Actual Scores for each event will be paid at a rate of 1 out of 80.

First place handicap cash prizes shall be figured on a percentage  basis in the Team Event, Doubles and Singles. Distribution of prize money will be determined by the tournament secretary. Awards shall be given to the highest handicap pin fall in each minor event. Awards shall be given in the handicap doubles/singles for bowlers 62 years of age or older.

USBC Awards

Any bowler who qualifies for a USBC award must come to the tournament office after completion of bowling to fill out the application and sign it to receive it.