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Frankfort Lodge Plays Santa for Lexington VA Veterans!

Frankfort Lodge 530 donated over $300.00 to the Veterans at the Lexington VA, Leestown Division hospital by placing $10.00 in 30 Christmas Cards. These cards were hand made by the 3rd thru 5th grade classes at Frankfort’s Peaks Mill Elementary School.

Frankfort Elk, Allison Teegarden, teacher, volunteered her classes to help with this Elk project. According to Allison, the students were excited to learn about Veterans and what they have sacrificed for their country. Allison says that this was not only rewarding for the Veterans but for the students and they want to do another project for “their heroes”.

The Veterans told Bill and Sandy Moore, who presented the cards, how much these cards meant to them and how special they made their Christmas. These cards were hand written messages, from the kids, expressing their appreciation to the Veterans for protecting this country and their lives.

Here’s a photo of two of the Veterans with the cards they received.

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