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Elks In the Time of Quarantine

Dear Members,
As some of you got the message via email, in response to the Governor’s extension of the Bar restaurant closure order that originally was set to expire on March 30th, the Lodge will be closed until further notice. I just wanted to let everyone know where we are as a lodge and update you on what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the coming weeks:

On March 16th, the day of the initial closure order, our regular lodge meeting was cancelled. The House met that evening and took three actions:

1) Directed the Treasurer to submit an amended 2019-20 budget to the grand lodge.

2) Directed the Treasurer to pay any necessary bills; and

3) Directed the Treasurer to, pay our current bar and kitchen employees for the next two weeks (3/19 and 3/26), based on the average amount of hours worked per week since 1/1/2020. On Friday (3/27) the House Committee, by remote email vote, approved extending that courtesy for two additional weeks (4/2 and 4/9). This essentially costs the lodge about $1,000 per week. We are in a position to absorb this cost for four weeks because of our strong financial position, a position these folks helped bring about.

In the next few weeks, while the lodge is closed, we will still undertake whatever charitable activity we can. An example is the use of our $2,000 Gratitude Grant from ENF, which this year will go towards replenishing the stock of the Franklin County Food Pantry. We also awarded our Americanism Essay prizes, and will award our Scholarships this spring to the class of 2020. We will also be doing some work on the bowling alleys in addition to some heavy cleaning in preparation for our reopening.

In the meantime, I had multiple members asking me if any of our members need assistance running errands or have any other needs that members could assist with. I have not heard, but if you know of a member who has a need we can help with, just let us know. Also, I know for many members this is a time of financial uncertainty, but if you have not paid your 2020 lodge dues and are in a position to do so, it would be greatly appreciated.

On April 6th, we will not have a lodge meeting but we will proceed with the installation of the new Chair officers, including our new ER Mark Ruble, and Trustees for the 2020-21 lodge year. The House Committee will also meet that evening to take any necessary action regarding the lodge.

When we hear more about a potential reopening date for the Lodge, we will keep members apprised.

John Snyder, ER

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