Elks Share, Elks Care

Even though our facility is closed, Leslie True, Angie Palmer, and Debi Newman have been busy demonstrating the meaning of the Elk’s motto “Elks Share, Elks Care”. All three ladies recently became members of the Frankfort Elks Lodge 530, in part to find ways to give back to the community. Soon after becoming Elks members, the coronavirus happened. Since then, they have hand-sewn more than 1,200 personal protection masks for use in the battle against COVID-19. They estimate that it takes between 30-45 minutes to produce one mask. Their masks have been distributed to medical professionals, hospice workers, nursing homes and individuals from across the country, as well as from people in their home community of Frankfort. The masks have gone to locations in New York, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Texas, even the Virgin Islands, and as close to home as Bradford Square skilled nursing facility located in Frankfort. Angie, Debi and Leslie mail the masks as fast as they can make them and have vowed to continue sewing until the pandemic is over. Thank you ladies for all that you have done to help the community stay safe and healthy. We are PROUD of all of you!

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