Frankfort Lodge Supports Seniors!

For several years, Linda LaFontaine (otherwise known as “The Bag Lady”) has dedicated her service to Capital City Activity Center, otherwise known as the Frankfort Senior Center. One of the ways that she helps them is by collecting our donated grocery bags and delivering them to the Senior Center’s “HELPING HANDS FOOD PANTRY” to use for weekly food distributions to senior families in Franklin County. In mid-April, Linda presented a $2500 donation to Diane Rodgers, Director of the Outreach Program. This donation was made possible and supported by the Beacon Grant awarded to us by the Elks National Foundation. Thank you Linda for all that you do for Frankfort Lodge and The Frankfort Senior Center. Also, once the Lodge is re-opened, don’t forget to bring your grocery bags to donate! The collection box is located in the front entrance. During the pandemic and for those who don’t visit the Lodge regularly, feel free to contact Linda (502) 330-0256 and she will swing by and pick them up!

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