Flag Day Ceremony

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Flag Day CeremonyOn June 15th, our lodge held our Flag Day Ceremony. It was conducted by Brad Marston, along with Rick Nesserold and Mark Ruble folding the flag. The ceremony had about 15 in attendance, including a few veterans. Look for the article in the State Journal.

Elks Share, Elks Care

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Even though our facility is closed, Leslie True, Angie Palmer, and Debi Newman have been busy demonstrating the meaning of the Elk’s motto “Elks Share, Elks Care”. All three ladies recently became members of the Frankfort Elks Lodge 530, in part to find ways to give back to the community. Soon after becoming Elks members, the coronavirus happened. Since then, they have hand-sewn more than 1,200 personal protection masks for use in the battle against COVID-19. They estimate that it takes between 30-45 minutes to produce one mask. Their masks have been distributed to medical professionals, hospice workers, nursing homes and individuals from across the country, as well as from people in their home community of Frankfort. The masks have gone to locations in New York, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Texas, even the Virgin Islands, and as close to home as Bradford Square skilled nursing facility located in Frankfort. Angie, Debi and Leslie mail the masks as fast as they can make them and have vowed to continue sewing until the pandemic is over. Thank you ladies for all that you have done to help the community stay safe and healthy. We are PROUD of all of you!

Frankfort Lodge Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic by “GIVING“

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Due to Beshear’s executive order of “bar and restaurant” closure and following the Kentucky State Elks Association reccommendations, on March 16, 2020 our lodge facility closed indefinitely. Even though the doors closed, another opportunity to “GIVE” opened! Our member, Veteran, and Bar Manager, Carla Hawkins along with a team of volunteers quickly responded by giving a generous donation of much needed food from our pantry to the Access Soup Kitchen. She also donated our extra vinyl gloves, hand sanitizer, bleach and antibacterial wipes to the Boon National Guard to distribute to local first responders. Thank you Carla for taking the initiative to get the food and supplies donated and distributed to organizations that serve our community. Another fine example of how “Elks Care, Elks Share”

Frankfort Lodge Supports Seniors!

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For several years, Linda LaFontaine (otherwise known as “The Bag Lady”) has dedicated her service to Capital City Activity Center, otherwise known as the Frankfort Senior Center. One of the ways that she helps them is by collecting our donated grocery bags and delivering them to the Senior Center’s “HELPING HANDS FOOD PANTRY” to use for weekly food distributions to senior families in Franklin County. In mid-April, Linda presented a $2500 donation to Diane Rodgers, Director of the Outreach Program. This donation was made possible and supported by the Beacon Grant awarded to us by the Elks National Foundation. Thank you Linda for all that you do for Frankfort Lodge and The Frankfort Senior Center. Also, once the Lodge is re-opened, don’t forget to bring your grocery bags to donate! The collection box is located in the front entrance. During the pandemic and for those who don’t visit the Lodge regularly, feel free to contact Linda (502) 330-0256 and she will swing by and pick them up!

KY State Association has NEW WEBSITE!

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At the 2020 Elks State Convention, State President Jesse Shipp announced his appointment of the State Webmaster and the State Newsletter Editor to Leigh Ruble. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the long “established” website was inaccessible and no longer available for use. In early March, a NEW KY State Association website was created, updated, and launched! Keep up with the latest news from the KY Elks Association at www.ky-elks.com. You can search for members, lodges and committees by joining to be a “member” of the site. Blogs, group discussions and detailed searches are just a few of the new features that our new site brings. Join by visiting the website and clicking “Log In” (top right) and select “Sign Up”. Become a member today!!! Also, please understand that this website is still under construction and is not completely finished at this time, but all of the information is current and up to date. If you have a question or a suggestion about the site or wish to submit an article for the August State Newsletter, contact Leigh at support@kentuckyelks.org